Quental Main Astro-Political Briefing

The current year is 997 CE (current era).

Political Geography -

The Confederated Systems of Argent (CSA) is located near the Rimward end of a ribbon of stars (The Quental Main) that extends several hundred light years core and spinward. Outside the Main the stars are very scattered in this sector.

 | QUENTAL MAIN   ..                .        |
 |        SECTOR    ..  Unexplored .         | Major Systems
 |                    ...          .         |  in the area
 |                       .     4   .         |  1 Mark
 |                    . .  Explored .        |  2 Argent
 |     C             .      Systems  ..      |  3 Zeristu
 |     |            .\ \       \1\ \ \ ..    |  4 Montrose
 | S---+---T       .     \ \ \\          .   |
 |     |          .          \      2     .  |
 |     R           . Zeristu \   CSA    ..   |
 |                .  Empire  \       ...     |
 |  \ border     .    3     \   ..  .        |
 |              .            \ .  ..         |
 |  C coreward  .             .              |
 |  R rimward    .     .... ..               |
 |  S spinward    ..  .    .                 |
 |  T trailing      ..                       |
 |                                           |

The CSA is bordered on it's spinward side by the Zeristu Empire. The Zeristu Empire's size is not completely known, but appears to be about the same size and strength as the CSA. The CSA and Zeristu came into contact, and conflict, a little over 60 years ago, and have fought 3 major wars and several skirmishes over the years. Today there is an uneasy peace between these two, largest, states, but CSA citizens are still restricted to visiting only the border areas of the Zeristu Empire.

Coreward from the CSA there is a region of explored systems along the Quental Main. This area includes a few multi-system states, but most inhabited systems are unaffiliated with any other. The CSA and Zeristu have been slowly moving coreward through this area for the last 40 years.

Beyond the explored region is the main body of the Quental Main. Little is known of this area or the areas beyond. Explorers, merchants, and adventurers who venture into the "great beyond" return with some reliable data, but with even more tales.

Cultural Geography -

There are a wide variety of Humanoid races and species occupying the known areas of the Quental Sector. The main Human races in the sector are Solomani and Vilani, but each have several distinct sub-races. Smaller numbers of Sylean, Zhodani and Geonee are scattered throughout the sector. Northwest of the CSA (core-spinward), are a number of worlds occupied mainly by Vargr, and information from explorers place a number of Aslan dominated worlds beyond known space to core-trailing.

Within the CSA, humans of all races form 90% of the population, Vargr at 8% make up most of the rest. Small groups of various other species make up the remaining 2%. Although we have no direct evidence, it appears the Zeristu Empire has approximately the same proportions.

Ancient History -

You've all heard the stories as children..."Once upon a time, there was a Empire of all Humaniti called the Imperium that ruled most of the galaxy from it's capital, a planet called Core. Then a terrible civil war ripped the mighty Imperium apart. The races of man warred with each other, each claiming their right to rule all of space. Their great fleets sweep across the heavens destroying everything in their paths. Weapons beyond our comprehension were invented, weapons capable of exploding the very stars in the skies. The wizards of the warring navies brought their machines to life, and even after the wizards were long dead their machines fought on. Eventually, the universe itself shuddered and died, and after the darkness we were reborn." Although, these are stories there appears ti be more than a smidgen of truth to them.

About 5,000 years ago there was a interstellar war in this area. It has come to be called the "Great War." Very few records from before this war exist, but from what little archaeologists and historians have put together there was an Imperium and a civil war. Current thought is that this Imperium probably covered most of this sector, but a single government spanning the galaxy is quite unbelievable. From the name given to the Imperium's capital, we conclude that the Imperium's center was located coreward of us, perhaps somewhere in the unexplored part of the Quental Main.

A continuing mystery is what happened at the end of the Great War. The few intact and deciphered records from this period indicate the war was winding down with much of their civilization still intact, when a gap in the records appears. The gap in information is called the Darkness. The myths and legends say this is "when the universe died", in truth we simply don't know what happened.

During this mysterious Darkness, almost all the remaining Imperial civilization was destroyed, leaving scattered ruins, dead systems, and no record of what happened. It was several hundred years before the survivors had rebuilt and relearned enough to begin keeping records again. The early records seldom looked back beyond the last generation, and except for stories like the one above have little to say about the Great War and the Darkness.

Recent History -

King Sui Wu undertook the final unification of Argent in -14 BC, and was proclaimed Planetary Protector in the year 0. The Wu dynasty's promotion of peaceful development and trade created a strong and wealthy merchant class that eventually became the driving force leading Argent back into space.

Argent achieved interstellar flight just less than 300 years ago, the first planet in the local cluster to do so. Until recently travel was limited to slower than light "sleeper ships." These early explorers and settlers discovered recovering civilizations and ancient ruins all across the subsector.

The development of jump technology in 903 allowed Argent to complete the exploration of this subsector, and found the Confederated Systems of Argent. The CSA's main purpose has always been to promote and protect trade among the member states, and in this role did not historically maintain a large military force. Contact with the Zeristu changed this.

The Zeristu are an aggressive and militaristic culture. They have repeatedly attacked the CSA systems, clients and allies during the last 60 years. We have developed a strong Army and Navy to oppose them, and during the recent war, 993-996, stopped their expansion with the defense of Kasaan, Cathay and Vito. The limit of the Zeristu's trailing borders has been stopped at the Harkin-Wozo-Bern line, and negotiations continue in attempts to liberate allied systems that have fallen to the Zeristu.

The Worlds of the CSA -

Government -

The CSA's member worlds maintain their independence, and are different in many ways. As a unified group, they give their support to the governing bodies of the CSA: the Confederation Senate, the Ministries, and the Protector.

The Senate meets continuously at Maston, Argent, and acts as the legislative body for the CSA. Its powers are limited to interstellar affairs, trade policies, and funding and support for defense forces. Each member world sends 3 Senators to serve in the Confederation Senate.

The Ministries of the Protector administer the laws and regulations passed by the Senate. The Chief Secretaries for each Ministry are nominated by the Protector and confirmed by the Senate.

The Protector is the Chief Executive Officer and ceremonial leader of the CSA. The Senate elects the Protector for life from candidates nominated by each member system. Traditionally, the monarch of Argent is elected as Protector. Protector Codelia Wu, Queen of Argent is the current Confederation Protector, ascending to the chair in 988.

Argent (A7668C5-A) - Star: Nota Ter (G2V)

Argent is the 4th planet of the Nota Ter system. It is a temperate planet with large oceans. The main population centers are on Hollis, a group of 3 large islands in the southern temperate zone, and Jasta, a continent sweeping around Hollis from the southeast crossing the equator and spreading out into the northern temperate zone. The Hollis area recovered from the Great Darkness more rapidly than the Jasta area and has historically been the leader in all areas of Argent life.

The major city and capital of Argent is Maston. Maston is located on the inner sea separating Hollis from Jasta. It is built on the 6 hills overlooking the large protected harbor that has made it the center of trade on Argent.

Although the attention of Argent's population has turned to the stars much of the planet is still undeveloped. Large sections of the Jasta continent is still undeveloped wilderness with most development concentrated along the eastern seacoasts of the inner sea.

Life on Argent is still fairly rural. Most people live in small towns and villages scattered thoughout the islands and on Jasta's seacoast and temperate plains. Culturally, most Argentians are conservative in thought, dress, and action. They are also industrious, inventive, and avid explorers.

The two other inhabited planets of this system are Hothouse, F482264-8 (Nota Ter-3), and IceBox, F553364-8 (Nota Ter-4). These are little more than outposts. A small population occupies an asteroid belt in orbit 6.

Gorath (C569743-9) - Star: Gorath (G2II & M4VI, close orbital binary)

Gorath is the 3rd planet of the Gorath system. The population is widely scattered on hundreds of small and medium sized islands. Before explorers from Argent arrived in 811 Gorath had no cities and was mired at TL4. The Argent merchants set up shop on an unoccupied island, which they called Port. Today Port is the capital of Gorath, and is the only real city on the planet.

The people of Gorath are typically more "laid back" than those of Argent. They are given to colorful dress, elaborate and loud entertainment, and more liberal social practices. Goranthans have a reputation as fierce warriors and excellent engineers, somewhat surprising given the rest of their culture's reputation.

Bonzi (B88467?-8) Star: Erlish (K1V)

Bonzi is the second planet in the Erlish system. It is a large cool world with no oceans, although there are several very salty seas and a number of large lakes.

Bonzi has a number of independent states that have joined together into a trading confederation to represent their interests in the CSA. The independent states on Bonzi have fought several small wars since contact with Argent, but regardless of their conflicts on the ground maintain a unified front in contact with the CSA.

Bonzi has several ancient Imperium sites that archeologists are investigating. From what little that has been found, it appears that Bonzi was once a leading system in this area.

Culturally Bonzi is very diverse with each of the several nation states having its own unique culture. Bonzanies make up a disproportionally large part of the CSA's enlisted army and navy, often joking that they just joined to avoid all the fighting at home.

Bolongi, the capital of the state Inido, is an important center of culture in the CSA. The University of Bolongi's Department of Archeology is reknown through out the subsector and it's entertainers are considered some of the best in Argent subsector.

Shaw (A767887-A) Star: Asa (F8V)

Shaw is the 6th planet of the Asa system, and was the first system visited by Argent explorers. The explorers found a virtually empty world. The few Shaw natives were clustered in three river valleys stuck at TL2. Settlers from Argent mixed with the natives, quickly eliminating them as a seperate people. Today most Shawers claim kinship with the original natives..whether true or not.

Shaw is temperate, with large oceans and a single large continent mostly in the nothern temperate zone. It's population lives mainly in the valleys of the three main rivers draining this continent. There are several cities along the rivers that service the surrounding farms, ranches and mines.

Shawers are considered the most outgoing and social of the CSA members. It is often remarked that their government, a faceless civil service, is so gray they have to make up for it in their personal lives.