World: Osbeorht Subsector: Ribbon Sector: Quental Main Coordinates: 1620 (F0810) UWP: B694747-9-65M
Starport: Good Size: Medium (8800-10400 km) Atmosphere: Dense, tainted Hydrographics: 40% water Population: 80 million Govt: Representative Democracy > Law Level: Moderate - All firearms, including Shotguns prohibited> Technology: Early Stellar Life: Primitive ecosystem Resource: Moderate Export: Rare Minerals Planetoid Belts: 2 Gas Giants: 5 Allegiance: Independent Bases: None Trade Codes: Lo Travel Zone: Green

Aslans on Osbeorht

There is a large Aslan community native to Osbeorht. They occupy one continent and control another as a "training ground" and both are off limits to humans without permission from the Clan Council and Aslan accompanyment. Aslan females completely control the society. Males are sent to the "training ground" at puberty where they stay until they die or are selected for mating by female Clan leaders.

Aslan males are kept content, docile and tame by the administration of Siskani Morpai, also known as Aslan Spice. As Males age their ability to procreate fades quickly, the Spice allows them to perform for several more years. This is important because older males produce more female offspring than male and that is important to Osbeorht Aslan Society.

Siskani Morpai is very rare on Osbeorht and both highly prized and very expensive. Imports from off-planet are eagerly sought. To prevent more in-fighting among the clans the Council appoints a single Factor to buy all imported Spice and to evenly divide it among the Clans.

The "training ground" is a very dangerous place, dangerous animals, deadly plants, and the most dangerous and deadly of all a multitude to un-spiced Aslan Males. There may be deposits of rare minerals and many other valuable things there, but it isn't worth your life to try to go there. If the Aslan Males and the dangerous flora and fauna don't get you the Aslan Females will when you try to leave...and the only sentence for violation is death.

Humans and Resources

Humans have a representative democracy as their government and are friendly by nature. They have a near stellar local technology, but are continually starved for higher tech items. For these items they trade a variety of rare minerials and local arts, crafts and Aslan generated products.

One product they are very proud of is Labica Coffee. Labica is unique to Osbeorht. The coffee has a thick creamy feel on the tongue, the smell of blueberries and a tast of berries and caramel. It is sweeter than regular coffee, having an aftertast of honey that lingers on the tongue.


Starport Authority Lt. Lara Vigodsky

Starport Maintenance Nate Brown
Kate Brown

Local Human Brokers:
1. Smith & Daughter (Dirk Smith, Patty Smith)
2. Fallow Brokers (Gregor Fallow)
3. Zigby Import Export (Lewis Aloway)
4. Doolin & Doolin (Harry Doolin, Larry Doolin)

Offers 10% discount and waive port fees for 2+ visits a year.

Aslan Factor Vigart Sizz Li (Li to her friends)