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Eris at 16

Hi! My name is Eris Reddoch, and this is my homepage. That's my photo on the left.  Okay, okay! I didn't say it was a recent photo, now did I? I tend to be camera shy

I live in Pace, Florida. I have lived here for most of my life. It's a nice place with good schools and friendly people. So nice we are one of the fastest growing areas in this part of Florida. Maybe too nice because...well, because we're one of the fastest growing areas in this part of Florida. 

Pace is near Pensacola, way up in the far west corner of the state, only a few miles from Alabama to both the north and west. We are inland a few miles, so when we want to visit the beautiful white sand beaches we have to go south to Pensacola or Navarre Beach down on Santa Rosa Island.

I work at Pensacola Junior College, where I teach Computer Science. PJC has three campuses and several centers in the Metro Pensacola area. My office is on the West Campus in Warrington where all of the health programs are based, and although I teach most of my classes here I also teach sections on the other campuses from time to time.

I've been either a teacher or student the vast majority of my life. Before going to work for  PJC, I was employed as a Computer Trainer by Radio Shack, and before that I taught History and Geography at Gulf Breeze Middle School. Before and in between my bouts of employment as a teacher, I whiled away my time as a student.

When I am away from school, I have a number of interests. I'm sure many of them won't interest you, but just in case, I've listed a few of them to the left.

The one interest that occupies the most of my time is running and playing roleplaying games on the internet by email or chat. I started with this type of gaming years and years ago on Fidonet and Vervan bulletin boards and as access to the internet broadened I moved my gaming there.

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